California Home Loan Mortgage Rates

by Old Mission Editor
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The California Home Loan Mortgage Rates are low at this point of time. The California
Home Loan Mortgage Rates are connected to the national interest rate and controlled by
national housing market interest index. The national interest rate is controlled by
secondary markets which are closely monitored by the Government since the whole
economy depends on them. The economy at this time coupled with the housing market
situation has brought about this change in California Home Loan Mortgage Rates.

Home Loan Mortgage Rates in California do not rally appeal to a prospective buyer
especially if he is from a different state. These rates can inject more frustration than
excitement into his life since the cost of living in California is high in comparison to
other states. It really takes a lot of intellect and skill to play around with different options
to reduce interest rates and payments in order to make California Home Loan Mortgage
Rates affordable.
The California Home Loan Mortgage Rates fluctuate daily. In order to get the feel of it, it
is advisable to wait and watch and see the trend before making a decision. These
mortgage rates come in with a variety of different options. There are interest only rates,
standard fixed rates, adjustable rates and variable rates. All these rates have to be taken
into account while making a decision in order to get the best rates possible.
Interest only California home loan mortgage rates are the lowest since the buyer or
borrower is paying only the interest component. This apparent low level of payment
options makes it interesting and attractive to borrowers
A standard fixed mortgage rate gives the maximum security to the home buyer in
freezing the interest rates, i.e. the interest rates will neither raise nor fall. They will have a
consistent, preplanned repayment schedule throughout the loan term. The term comes in
different sizes viz. 15, 20, 25, 30, or 40 years. A fixed California home loan mortgage
rate follows the national housing interest index faithfully.
Mortgage rates that variable or adjustable carry a lower interest tag; normally 2%-3%
lower than the fixed rates. They begin as fixed for a short period which is predetermined,
usually 2, 3, 5, or 7 years, after which they start fluctuating in accordance with the current
market California home loan mortgage rates. The borrower has certain options here; he
can refinance for a new loan, sell the home, or start repayment of the new variable or
adjustable rates. Buyers planning to invest in property for a short period often choose the
variable or adjustable mortgage rate because of the lower payments they offer during the
starting years of the loan.
Lower California home loan mortgage rates are always attractive to borrowers because
they are mostly on the higher side due to higher cost of living. The best way to ensure a
low California home loan mortgage rate is to possess a good to excellent credit score.

These credit scores directly determine interest rates and the better the score, the lower the
California home loan mortgage rate.

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