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In this day and age, with technology being all around us, it is advantageous for homeowners to maximize their resources in order to have a quick, easy and smooth transaction.
In our constant research for the next best thing to assist our beycomers, we have come across the concept of drones for aerial photography & videography AKA drone property photos.

Here’s what we’ve learned about them.

Drones aka unmanned aircraft systems were originally intended for military usage. But boy oh boy has that changed! Now, drones are sold in stores everyday for recreational and professional use.

The great thing about drones professionally, is it gives the user the opportunity to take pictures from angles they couldn’t normally get. It’s one thing to take a plane and be 35,000 ft altitude and take a picture, but to capture a photo from just 20 or 30 ft above you is extraordinary!

The other great thing about drones is they save you tons of money & you know at beycome, we are all about savings! Depending on the type of drone equipment, a drone can take video and or still pictures, however, managing a drone can be somewhat difficult if you do not have the experience.

We would suggest to our dear beycomers is DO NOT attempt to take photo or video with a drone and not them look stellar! We did our home work and have found a great company that is excellent in aerial pictures and video.

Interested in having professional aerial property photo and video?

We’ve got your back!

Beycome is all about partnerships. We partner with sellers to give them a commission free sale, we partner with buyers to assist them in finding properties that deal directly with the owner and most recently we have partnered with Vertigo Aerials to bring our customer a discount on AWESOME listing photos.

We understand the importance of great photos for your home. After all, 90% of potential home owners and renters search for properties online. Therefore, it would behoove you to make sure your listings photos are as beautiful and professional as can possibly be seen. Great pictures of a listing are just as important if not more important and drawing than even the listings verbal description.

Here’s a little info about Vertical Aerials, they are an aerial drone photography & videography company based in Stuart, servicing Southeast Florida. Specializing in real estate, Vertigo provides sellers with the ability to showcase and market their listings in a completely revolutionary and fascinating way.

As a partner with beycome.com, Vertigo Aerials, will provide all beycome customers with a 10% discount on all home photography photos. The reason we decided to partner with Vertigo Aerials is we appreciate what they stand for and their mission, which is simple: jaw-dropping listings call for jaw-dropping photos and video.

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